Rental Terms

Car Rental Terms and Conditions

Necessary documents - Conditions

The driver must be at least 23 years old. Furthermore, on pickup of the car he/she should have his legal driving license, which must be issued at least a year ago. If the driving license is issued in a country outside the European Union, then an international driving license is required along with the driving license issued at the driver's country.

Vehicles pickup

Our vehicles are delivered in perfect condition as they are subjected to constant checks by authorized workshops. Nevertheless it is important to check the vehicle upon pickup and report any damage that may have been present, which will be recorded and will not be borne by the customer. Upon pickup of the car, the rental agreement will be given to the customer which will show all services/insurances provided as well as any extra services/insurances that the customer might request with their relevant charges, which he/she will check and sign, as any accompanying documents of the car. You can pick up the vehicles from our office. To pick up the car from another location, there should be consultation and confirmation from our office.

Change of reservation

For any changes in your reservation you must contact us directly. Rescheduling means re-calculating the price according to the available cars and the applicable prices at the time of the change.

Car return

The customer has to return the vehicle, the documents, as well as any other parts in excellent condition as he/she has received them. Delivery must take place at the specified time and place indicated on the rental contract and agreed upon pickup of the car. In a case where the customer wishes to change the place or the time of delivery of the vehicle, should, before the expiry of the rent, seek approval from our office and be informed of any extra costs that may be present. Otherwise the customer is required to pay the office compensation, beyond the normal charges.
Our office reserves the right to regain possession and use of the vehicle, at any time, without any notice, as long as the vehicle is used in breach of the terms of this agreement or the relevant provisions of the law, with costs and expenses burdening the customer.
All reservations are made by car category and are not by specific model. In the event of non-availability of a confirmed rental, our office reserves the right to provide the customer with a car of a higher class without any extra charges. The customer is obliged to make proper use of the car, to check its mechanical condition (eg. oil and water level, tires, etc.). Any repair of the car by himself or by a third party is expressly prohibited without the prior written authorization from our office.

Rental extension

If the customer wishes to keep the rented vehicle longer than the period it was already agreed, he must contact us before the expiry of the rental period to obtain written approval and note the extension of the rental on the contract.


In the event of an accident or other incident (theft, fire) involving the vehicle, the customer is obliged to immediately inform the Police as well as our office. It should also give names and addresses of any witnesses and any relevant information from any third party. In addition, he must complete and sign the accident statement within 24 hours of the time of the accident and deliver us the police statement and other documents or information about the incident. In the event of a customer's fault, he/she shall be charged with the costs of handling the accident.

Transportation by ship

Transportation of our vehicles by ship is only possible with our consent. If you want to transport the vehicle, please contact our office.

Lease outside the borders

The transfer of the vehicle outside Greek borders is not permitted if the customer does not have a written approval from our office. If you want to drive outside Greek borders, you should inform our office so we can take any necessary action and issue a green card.


The customer must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel as he received it. In the case of a delivery of a vehicle with less fuel, the customer shall bear the cost of the fuel consumed and the costs of refueling. There is no refund if the vehicle is returned with more fuel than it had at the time of pickup.

Theft insurance

Theft insurance is included in our prices.
The customer is relieved of any financial burden from the loss of the vehicle. Theft insurance does not cover the total or partial theft caused by negligence of the customer (eg. leaving the vehicle unlocked or leaving the key in the vehicle's ignition) & theft of any personal items from inside the car. For damage or theft caused by the customer's negligence, the customer is liable up to the total commercial value of the vehicle at the time of the accident or theft.

The insurance cover does not apply to damage:
Caused by violation of Traffic Code Laws, caused by misuse of the vehicle, as well as damage to tires, mirrors, under the main body of the vehicle, as well as inside. Caused by driving on uncleaned roads and off-road routes. Caused because the driver was under the influence of alcohol, drugs, medicines or anything that would affect the ability to drive. Caused by people who do not appear in the contract. Any mechanical damage to the car from the negligence of the customer. Caused by participation in races and testing of the vehicle. Caused by animals in tires, wheels, suspension, the mirrors, the battery, the radio/CD and in components and parts of the vehicle lost, destroyed by negligence or caused losses from theft. Caused by driving in places outside the road network, like paths, railway lines, rivers, streams, beaches and generally in places where driving is inappropriate. Caused by sand, ashes, stones or other material permeating into or released to the vehicle. Burns holes, tears, disasters and damage inside the vehicle.

CDW (Mixed Insurance) - partial exemption from liability for damages

Mixed insurance is not included in our prices. The customer may limit the liability of legal involvement in any damage to the vehicle. Our office provides mixed insurance agreement with the customer. The amount of indebtedness and the amount of the exemption depends on the category of the vehicle. In the event of damage to the rented vehicle, the customer is covered for the cost of repair. Nevertheless, they would have to pay the amount of liability for damage, irrespective of whether the customer is responsible. The amount of liability includes repair costs, storage and loss of profits. When and if our office receives compensation for the damage, then we will return the corresponding amount to the customer.

Not covered:
Damage caused by intent or negligence. Damage caused by misuse of fuel. Damage resulting from breach of the terms of the contract. Damage caused to the underside, the roof, the antenna, the mirrors and the tires of the car or during the time the car was on a ship. Damage due to a violation of the Road Traffic Code Laws (eg. passing a red traffic light or STOP sign, illegal overtaking, driving under the influence of alcohol, etc.).


The customer has to repair immediately and at its own expense all damage and shall bear the costs of transportation of the vehicle at the registered office of the company. In the case of loss or of damage to the vehicle and in the event of bodily harm to third parties, including passengers, the customer is required to pay the full amount of the compensation as well as any expenses that the office may have to pay if he or the authorized driver has violated the terms of this agreement, as well as any provisions of the Law or insurance regulations, either intentionally or negligently.
Additionally, in this case, our office will be entitled to ask the customer, in addition to rental costs and above amounts, of any other charges required for each day passing until the damaged car or the one to be replaced is to be delivered to our office.

The customer is not liable for any damage to the car that has come from a collision, if he has complied with all the terms of this agreement and accepts the cover of a mixed insurance without participation at the beginning of the rent, placing his/her signature in the square with the words "I accept" on the front page of the contract. If the customer does not accept mixed insurance without participation, his civil and eventual criminal liability remains in full. Damage or theft of personal belongings of the customer or any passengers is not covered by the insurance and in no case is our office responsible for them. Damage to the tires, windscreen or bottom of the car (sump, gearbox, differential, etc.) resulting from negligent or poor driving is not covered by the insurance.

The vehicle is insured against third parties for material damage to third parties, excluding a) the driver and passengers of them b) the rented vehicle.
It does not cover total or partial theft of the car, theft of personal items that are on or in the car and damage to the car.
The cost of this insurance is included in the prices.

The car must not be used:
To transfer people or goods at a fare (eg. piracy, transfer of aliens, illegal immigrants, etc.).
For transferring smuggled items and merchandise, narcotics etc.
To tow a car or other objects.
To participate in speed racing.
For partial or total sub-leasing to third parties as well as for conceding use to third parties even without consideration.
If the customer or authorized driver is under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogens, narcotics, barbiturates, or other substance that affects the driver's ability and senses.
In violation of any customs, administrative, police or other provisions.
By any third person not approved by our office.
Outside of Greek borders without the written approval of our office.
Traffic Offenses.

According to Law 3534 published by the Greek Government 40 A '/ 23-02-2007, the fines and administrative penalties made during the rental are borne by the tenant. If they are not settled until the end of the rental period, the competent authorities will ask for the personal information of the customer and the fine will be sent by mail.
If they are not paid by the customer and our agency is required to pay them, there will be a charge for the costs of managing the infringement, in addition to the cost of the infringement.


Method of payment

Payment is made when you rent the car by cash, bank transfer or credit card (Visa, MasterCard). In case of booking by telephone or via our website, the customer is required to make a deposit in order to register and confirm the reservation.

Car interior

If the car is returned with stains requiring special cleaning (eg. hair, sand etc. on the seats or on the floor, in the trunk, etc.), the customer will be charged for any cleaning costs.

Kilometers cost

The daily mileage limit is 200 km. For one-month rentals, the mileage limit is 3.000 km.
For more kilometers the customer is charged every extra kilometer. The mileage will be charged according to the category of the car and will be stated in the rental contract. If you are planning a route for more than daily mileage, please inform our office so we can make you a better price.

Loss or destruction of a key

In case of loss or destruction of the key during the rental period, the customer will have to pay the amount to replace it, the cost of which will be determined by the official car dealer.

Cancellation of reservation

If the customer decides to cancel his prepaid rental, he should inform our office in good time. There will be no charge if the cancellation is made up to 48 hours before the start of the rental. Otherwise, our office is entitled to request or withhold from any payment. In the event that the reservation is made within 48 hours of the start of the rental and then canceled, then it is entitled to request or withhold from any payment.
In bookings where payment is made upon pickup of the car, cancellation is allowed until the start of rental without any charge. In case of no show at the time of pickup, the charge is 30€ plus tax.

Early return

In the event of a return of a vehicle earlier than the scheduled date stated at the rental contract, there will be no refund.

Delayed pickup

In case the customer does not pick up the car on the agreed day and time, without prior written or telephone notification, our office will cancel the reservation after 3 hours. Our office is entitled to charge the customer with the cost of one day of renting.


Responsible for the resolution of any dispute which may arise as to the implementation of this Agreement shall be appointed by the courts of the Prefecture of Pieria.


For any clarification regarding the rental terms, you can contact us at 30. 23510 34250 or send us a message through our contact form.

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