The completion of the following form is a simple indication of interest to rent a car and it is not valid until confirmed by our office.

Online Reservations Information

  • Each rental made through the website is valid only when confirmed by our office via email or phone.
  • On confirmation of a rental through the website you will be informed of all relevant procedures in order for the rental to take effect. The rental is valid only if it fulfilles all the procedures laid down as a condition in the confirmation message.
  • Possible requests to change an already confirmed rental can be made via email or phone. Any changes apply only as long as they are confirmed by us.
  • Cancellation of an already confirmed rental can be made via email or phone. The cancellation may be subject to a cancellation fee.
  • All rentals made through the website are governed by the same terms and conditions which govern all rentals, as explicitly mentioned here: Rental Conditions.
  • Our company uses the personal information registered by the users, solely for managing their rentals and for providing them our services. The company does not lend, rent or sell such personal information to anyone, in any way and for any reason. Read more here: Privacy & Terms.

Our Benefits

  • 24-hour service
  • Second driver
  • Airport taxes

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Fax: +30 23510 38147

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